Glow Plugs Offer 13.07.2016

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NGK Spark Plugs (UK) Limited
Maylands Avenue
Hemel Hempstead
Herts HP2 4SD
July 2016
Tel 01442 281000
Fax 01442 281001
There’s never been a better time for independent garages to fit
NGK glow plugs.
For not only has the ignition specialist reduced the price of many
of its most popular part numbers it is also awarding members of its
BoxClever garage loyalty scheme extra points each time they
purchase glow plugs during a special promotion campaign running
from August 1 until the end of November.
The promotion will see the points awarded increase from 20 per
item to 40 – making it an even more attractive proposition for
garages to fit the independent automotive aftermarket’s number
one fitment glow plug range.
NGK recently revitalised BoxClever, however the scheme remains
simple: the more members purchase, the greater the rewards.
Following the purchase of NGK glow plugs – and spark plugs, NTK
sensors and ignition coils – scheme members are encouraged to
collect the single boxes that the products come supplied in and
these are then returned in exchange for prize points.
Points are then accumulated and added to the user’s account
once NGK has confirmed receipt of the packaging. These points
can then be used to claim a number of fantastic free gifts as and
when the member has raised enough capital to cash in.
Mark Hallam, NGK Spark Plugs (UK) Ltd Marketing Manager, said:
“There’s now even more reason for independent garages to fit our
market-leading glow plug range. We have reduced the price of
some of our most popular part numbers and during this special
four-month promotion campaign we are doubling the points on
offer for garages who fit them.
W O R L D ’ S
N O . 1
“Our glow plug range is second to none and
our distributors and their garage customers
can be safe in the knowledge that they
are selecting a brand that is the UK
aftermarket’s number one fitment glow plug
range and are being rewarded for doing so.”
NGK has been developing engine preheating technology since the early 1960s
and the inbuilt advanced technology
ensures that automotive engineers can get
the most out of their engine designs and
help them meet the increasing emission
targets necessary to improve the environment.
Diesel has undergone a huge amount of change over recent years. Although technology has
moved on, the glow plug is essentially doing the same job that it always has done in raising
the temperature inside the combustion chamber so that stable combustion can be achieved.
However, the demands placed on the glow plug have become extremely severe and the
performance that is expected is significantly higher than in the past. The technologies that
have evolved have been a direct response to those demands and the point is being reached
where manufacturers are trying to get the temperatures up in the combustion chamber so
quickly that there is no discernible delay between putting the key in the ignition and actually
starting the engine with little or no smoke emission - even at extremely low ambient
Therefore, there are now several technologies from the standard metal glow plugs to the
latest generation NHTC (New High Temperature Ceramic) types and the AQGS (Advanced
Quick Glow System) plugs. Ceramic glow plugs, though a little more expensive, are
increasingly being selected by the OEs because of their durability, extremely short
pre-heating time and long post-heating time.
For more details about the NGK glow plug range please refer to the company’s 2016 Spark
Plug & Diesel Glow Plug catalogue which is packed with all the information required for
installers to select the right part for millions of vehicles on the road. The 166-page
publication can be downloaded from the NGK website at
For more information on NGK Spark Plugs (UK) Ltd and its products and services, please
visit the website Also you can check out its new blogzine at
For further information contact:
Andy Hurst
Hurst Media Services
Tel: 01354 656555;
Mobile: 0773 694 7803
Email: [email protected]

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