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At NCC we devote our resources to enabling individuals with developmental disabilities to
reach their full potential. Our person-centered approach recognizes challenges and promotes
strengths to ensure a comprehensive and individualized method of program development.
We are an agency committed to creating opportunities while growing together in a caring
Building lives without limitations by:
- Valuing the ambitions and individuality of individuals by treating them with dignity and respect.
- Encouraging and empowering our individuals to make and achieve personal goals.
- Giving our individuals a role in the community.
- Teaching skills that promote independence.
- Developing and retaining employees that provide excellent care.
- Evaluating the services we offer on a consistent basis.
- Giving a voice to people who cannot speak for themselves and providing a platform for those who can.
January 21, 2015
Culture Change
Think “People First”
is a reflection of how people see each
Idea of the Week:
other. That’s why the words we use have the
... for interacting with individuals you support in more power to hurt.
People First language is sensitive and accurate,
sensitive, compassionate
helps break down barriers and fosters mutual
Keep personal things personal…treat
adults and whisper when
prompting to use the restroom, wipe mouth, etc.
Nurses Meeting - 10a-12p - FP
Caretraker Webinar 2-3p - FP
Orientation Day 1 - 10a-3p - FB
Recruitment Comm - 1-2.3p - FB
respect, open lines of communication and acceptance.
Use these guidelines on People First language:
• If using the term “normal” is neces• Say “a person with a disability”
sary, replace it with “typical.”
instead of “a disabled person.”
• Use “congenital disability” instead of
• Words like “victim, afflicted,
“birth defect.”
crippled, patient, suffering from”
communicate disease and sickness, • Say “uses a wheelchair” instead of
“wheelchair bound.”
which disabilities are not.
• Use “has a disability” instead of
• People with disabilities are not
super human models of courage or “handicapped or disabled.”
• Use “deaf, or hard of hearing” inpity.
stead of “hearing impaired.”
• It should go without saying that
• Use “Down syndrome” instead of
obviously derogatory words like
“Mongol” or “Mongoloid.”
“retarded, dumb, lame, and de• Use “person of small (or short) statfected” are avoided.
ure” instead of “dwarf or midget.”
• A person with a disability “uses a
• Use “mental illness” or the specific
wheelchair” and is not “confined
to a wheelchair.” A person’s wheel- diagnosis instead of “crazy, maniac
or lunatic.”
chair is an extension of his or her
• Use “man (or woman) with epilepsy”
body and allows greater movement and freedom!
instead of “epileptic.”
Remember that language shapes attitude!
Ends Jan 31st, For EACH applicant you refer,
that gets hired, you will receive:
WED01/21Michael McNair
THU01/22 Cassandra Perry,
Whitney McHue, Anna Marie
Koleno, Aliza Stewart
SAT 01/24J D. Davison
SUN 01/25Christi Dunmire,
Brittany Renfrow, Gail Davis
MON01/26Paula Schmid, Celeste Kovach
TUE 01/27Donna Hwodeky,
Pearl Apanatong, Summer
Woodruff, Kevin T. Fitzgerald
Congratulations to these NCC
employees who have recently
graduated from educational
•$100.00 - after referred programs:
member completes the Maggie Bayard who graduated
2 day orientation
from her RN program at CSU
•$150.00 - after referred Kaylie Haynes who recently
member completes 30
completed her cosmetology
days hire
•$150.00 - after referred
member completes 90
days hire
to you both on
the hard work
PLUS: The staff member who refers the most appli- and determinacants who get hired and complete at least 30 days, tion to complete
will receive 40 hours of PTO time!
your studies!
Jesse Malave, our Executive Director has establish an “Open Door” policy here at Northeast Care Center and welcomes your comments and suggestions. If you have questions, concerns or comments related to safety and/or company policy, please contact me. Rick Matisak, Director of Technical Services [email protected]; Office: 440-582-3300 ext. 450; Mobile: 216-632-1167
January 21, 2015 – Please check with individual units for current openings.
Full Time
Day Program - 440-582-3300
Heidi Johnson x490
Part Time
DSP - 5 positions available - Contact Heidi for
Nursing – 440-582-3300
ICF’s - 582-3300 Maria x 494
DSP Supervisor - Ridge House
Alpha I - 440-582-4694
Housekeeper, 2nd & 3rd Shift DSP,
2nd Shift DSP
Alpha II - 440-582-4692
2nd Shift DSP Supervisor; 1st Shift DSP
1st Shift DSP
Alpha III - 440-582-4693
1st & 2nd Shifts (weekends); 2nd Shift M-F
Bagley - 440-891-8444
Mondays & Fridays 5am-11am; Sunday,
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 3pm-9pm;
Every other Saturday 9pm-7am
Maple - 440-234-9407
1st Shift Sun 8am-3pm; Mon-Fri 5am-10am
Sat 8am-3pm
3rd Nove 27th 10p-8a
Ridge - 440-888-9328
1/15 10 pm-8:30 a.m., 1/24 2pm-9pm, 1/24
11pm-8 a.m., and 1/31 2pm-9 pm
Royalton - 440-582-2775
Sprague 216-469-5648
Waiver –
Sam Carlson 440-582-3300
2nd & 3rd Shift DSP for February
Adrian (Berea): Sun 2p-8p (med passers all shifts) – Lydia Huffman 216-408-0746
Barrett (Berea): Mon-Fri 6:30a-8:30a; Sat/Sun 6:30a-2:30p, 10:30p-6:30a (driver, med 3) – Lydia
Huffman 216-408-0746
Beta West (Lakewood): Sun 7a-3p; Sun, Mon, Tue 11p-7a; Mon 3p-11p; Tue 3p-10, 3p-11p; Thur
7a-3p (med passer), 2p-10p; Sat 9a-3p; Every other Sat 3p-9p (drivers preferred); Sun 3p-9p; Mon
3p-9p (1:1- female, driver) - Janice Matos 216-410-8636
Delaware (Middleburg Hts.): Sun 8a-6p, M 2:30-8:30, Th 2:30-8:30, F 2-10 - Lydia Huffman 216408-0746
Eldridge (Bedford Hts.): Sun 8a-2p; Fri 3p-7p, 10p-8a; (drivers)- Carol Moore 216-401-4698
Fairview (Fairview Park): Mon-Fri 11a-1:30p- Bonnie Smith 216-407-7950
Gamma (Cleveland west): Sun 5p-10p, 5p-12a; Mon-Fri 4p-6p; Fri 4p-10p, 4p-12a, 10p-9a; Sat 5p12a; 10p-9a (drivers weekends) – Rhonda Stephens 216-401-5352
Garfield: 1/27 7a-2p; 1/29 7a-2p; 1/30 10p-7a – Sharon McCoy 216-956-6567
Hawthorne (Strongsville): Mon 2:30p-10:30p; Tues 2:45p-9p; Wed 2:45p-9:45p; Thur 2:45p-9p –
Patti Flores 216-339-0326
Highlandview (Cleveland west): Mon, Tue, Wed 6a-8:15a; Wed 3p-9p; Fri 3p-9p (driver preferred)
– Dion Oulds 216-536-0970
Kingswood (Olmsted Falls): Sun 8a-3p, 3p-11p (x2- one driver); Mon 1p-11p (driver); Tue 5a-11a
(driver), 1p-11p (driver); Wed 1p-11p (driver); Thur 5a-11a (x 2-driver), 1p-11p (x2-driver), 2p-10p,
11p-9a; Fri 5a-11a (driver),1p-11p (x2-drivers), 11p-9a; Sat 9a-2p (x2), 2p-10p (x3-1 driver), 10p-8a
(x2) – Keisha Burdett 216-956-1503
La Bianca (Parma): Sun 9a-9p, 10p-8a; Thur 10p-6a; Fri 10p-10a; Sat 9a-9p, 10p-10a – Cory Harubin 216-536-4251
Seven Hills: Sun 12a-10a, 11:30P-9:30a, 10a-3:30p, 3:30p-11:30p; Mon 9a-1p, 9:30a-3:30p,
3:30p-11:30p; Tue 4:30p-11:30p; Wed 9a-1p; Thur 9a-1p, 3:30p-8:30p; Fri 9a-1p; Sat 9:30a-3:30p
(driver) - Erik Reasor 216-408-7315
Triskett (Cleveland west): Sun 6a-1p, 6a-6p; Sat 6a-1p, 6a-6p; Wed 6a-10a; Thur 6a-10a; Fri 6a-10a
(drivers preferred) – Cathleen Anderson 216-469-5742
Valley View (Cleveland west): Sat 11p-7a - Brittaney Holt 216-536-4249
Webster (Strongsville): Sat 1:30p-9:30p – Temekca James 216-704-0786
W. Sprague (Strongsville): Sun 5a-10a, 8a-4p; Mon 5a-10a, 2p-10p; Tue 5a-10a; Wed 5a-10a; Thur
5a-10a; Fri 5a-10a, 5p-12a; Sat 8a-2p, 2p-10p, 4p-12a – Mandy Grizzanti 216-470-6337
W. 204th (Fairview Park): Sun 4p-8p; Mon 5p-7p; Fri 5p-7p; Sat 4p-8p (driver, med passer) - Gwen
Maloy 216-403-4426
Individual Division Clients – Carlynn Banks 216-952-0197
Parma: Tue, Thur, Fri 4:15p-9:15p (med cert 2)
Strongsville: Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri 5p-9p (female, driver, med passer)

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