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Created by Joyce Fitzpatrick and
Brian Shackelford
Copyright and WGA registered 2012
Animal Control
'Animal Control' is an outrageously funny,
over-the-top mock reality show that pulls the
veil off of reality television and shows exactly
how these pieces of crap get made! Down
and out Hollywood producer Allen Davies
owes a lot of people money. After the
unsuccessful attempts of his last few projects,
let's just say finding work has been pretty
slow. That is, until foreign investors hire Allen
to produce a new reality show for American
Meet the Officers of Animal Control Promo
Animal Control Teaser
AnimalControlTV Facebook page
“Having worked in reality television for the
past six years, I have been looking for the
opportunity to show the world what really
goes on behind the scenes of reality
television. When this project came my way we
thought this would make a funny web series
but after the first day of production, we knew
we had so much more. “Animal Control” is the
collaborative effort of funny people finding
even funnier people to help make a hilarious
project. The entire project was shot on a single
camera with a skeleton crew, but what
experience has taught me is that it does not
matter how many people you have on set, but
who you have on set.”
Brian Shackelford
Producer’s Statement
“Animal Control” is the brain-child of two
people who love comedy! When we came up
with this show the Director and I found a topic
we both had an interest in, which was
“animals” and a genre we liked “comedy”
and the rest is history! During production, we
laughed out loud, each and every day and
knew we had a hit on our hands! The funny
stories and fantastic actors we chose, helped
take “Animal Control” over the top and we
hope to bring even more funny and crazy
stories to the screen! I hope everyone enjoys
our take on comedy and look for more
projects from Tunnel Cat Productions in the
very near future!
Joyce Fitzpatrick
Brian Shackelford
Brian Shackelford – Creator, Director, Cinematographer, Co-Writer
Brian’s love for film is only matched by his love for baseball. Brian graduated from Loyola
Marymount University Film School, where he also was a member of the baseball program.
While in his first year of film school, Brian began working as a production assistant on
numerous music videos, shorts, and independent features. Brian’s first student film was
featured in screenings held for up and coming African American filmmakers. Following the
screening, Brian was introduced to a local rap artist that hired Brian to direct his first music
video. Before graduating, Brian worked as a production assistant on the music video, “Street
Fighter,”(the movie soundtrack) featuring Ahmad, Ras Kass, and Saafir. Director Francis
Lawrence invited Brian to shadow him during the shoot, taking Brian’s film education to a
new level. Upon graduating, Brian continued to work as a production assistant, working in
every department gaining an in depth understanding of each department and their
relationship with one another.
Brian worked as a lead camera operator and editor for all of the city of Torrance sports
coverage and high school programming. He went on to work in the mailroom at New Line
Cinema and was approached by a young writer, Ryan Weisman who had seen some of
Brian’s student films and music video work. Ryan went on to hire Brian to direct, shoot, and
edit his first independent feature, “The Bad News Ballers.” Brian went on to write, direct,
shoot, and edit his second feature film, “Gettin’ Da Munchies.” Upon pitching the film idea at
a local film festival, Brian was contacted by Doug Schwab from Maverick Entertainment and
in 2006 Maverick Entertainment released “Gettin’ Da Munchies,” and “The Bad News
Ballers” to video stores across the globe. Marcello Thedford later hired Brian to produce,
direct, and edit his third feature, “Watch What You Prey For.” In 2008 Brian wrote,
produced, and co-directed his first animation project “Porn Editor,” a hilarious look back on
the years Brian spent working as an editor for adult film companies. “Porn Editor” was
selected as one of five short films selected to screen in the 2008 American Black Film
Festival. Porn Editor was later optioned by HBO for a two-year term. Following his animation
project, Brian took a step back towards his love for music after being contacted by close
friend Mellow Man Ace, and produced, directed and edited the documentary film “The Latin
Rap Conference.”
The film screened to a sold out audience at the 2009 Hollywood Black Film Festival and won
honorable mention from the Southern California Film Festival. In 2009 The Hollywood Black
Film Festival also screened Brian Shackelford’s first dramatic short film “Ungrateful.”
“Ungrateful” went on to gain attention for Brian as not only a director and writer of comedy,
but as a director that can deliver a performance as well.
Joyce Fitzpatrick
Joyce Fitzpatrick: Creator, Executive Producer and Writer
Joyce Fitzpatrick is a Producer/Writer/Director who has enjoyed a career in television
production, film and promotion. She graduated with honors from California State University
of Los Angeles with a Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications and Film in 1991 and went
on to work on television for ABC, NBC and the UPN network. She has also worked for
several cable networks including: BET, E! Entertainment,
and the Discovery Channel.
Joyce has produced several short films and directed music videos and written comedy
sketches and over 60 promos for PBS. She has written several screenplays, and received first
place recognition in the Hollywood Black Film Festival screenplay competition for her
comedy feature, “An Africa-American in Paris,” and her feature “Feeding Time” is currently
represented by Hohman, Maybank and Lieb Literary Agency. Her producing credits
comprise several short films including, “Go with the Fro” which showcased in various festivals
including the Pan African Film Festival. Her career continued with work as a Managing
Coordinator on several shows for (BET) Black Entertainment Television including “Comic View,”
“The Way We Do it,” and “Holla,” hosted by comedian, Sheryl Underwood.
Joyce has written for the cable network, Animal Planet’s “Emergency Vet” and also worked
numerous years as a producer/writer for E! Entertainment Television’s, E! News and E! Online.
Joyce currently is pursuing her career as an independent producer/writer and director on
various projects including the hilarious comedy “Animal Control TV,” which she created and
co-wrote. She also just wrapped on a dark Spanglish comedy short titled, “Kill Me” and
filming continues on her labor of love, a documentary titled, “Discovering Mary” that
highlights the life and times of Mary Fields, or as history calls her “Stagecoach Mary,” the
first black female mail carrier/stagecoach driver in the west!
Joyce can be reached for more information about her documentary and other upcoming
projects at: TunnelCatProductions@gmail.com or msrewrite@aol.com . Or reach out to her
on Facebook at Joyce Fitzpatrick or AnimalControlTV .
Animal Control Cast
Animal Control
Cast Members
1. Michael Fine – Producer Allen Davies
2. Rob Beams – Officer Tim Worthy
3. Sharon Houston – Officer Alexa Torres
4. Jai Norman – Officer James Brown
5. Paul Shaw – Officer Dickey Coles
6. Diane Fredrickson – Producer Jackie Preston
7. Shoniqua Shondai – Animal Control Officer “Torri”
8. Pasqual Pinto – Animal Shelter worker Dennis Pewkey
9. Saie Kurakula – Animal Control Trainee –
“Prince Barishnu Okbar “
10. Dennis Mattai – Mr. Carboni
11. Joanna Kalafatis – Hit Woman #1
12. Kimberly Whittaker – Nail Salon Customer
13. Tommy Jackson – “Bunny Boy”
14. Henry Navarro – Animal Control Trainee - “Sanchez”
15. Belinda Clark – Hit Woman #2
16. Lindsey K. Vaerst – Animal Control Trainee –
“Laia Stranger”
Animal Control
Production Stills

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