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Mother of Good Counsel Parish & School
January 4, 2015
Mother of Good Counsel Parish & School ~ January 4, 2015
6924 W. Lisbon Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53210 ~ Main Number: 414 442-7600
website: mgcparish.org ~ Parish FAX: 444-0408 ~ School FAX 442-0644
Weekend Masses: Saturday 5:00 PM, Sunday 10:00 AM ~ Weekday Masses: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 8:15
Calendar for the week of January 4 ~
Sunday, January 4 ~
Donut Fellowship ~ Paulik Hall
10:00am Mass
Collection for SS Meal Program
Parish Office Hours
Monday - Thursday: 8 to Noon, 1 to 4
Friday: 8 to Noon
Monday, January 5 ~
7:00pm AA/Al-anon ~ Paulik Hall
8:00pm Young Men’s Basketball ~ Gym
Sunday, Jan. 4
10:00am † Mary Page O’Toole
Tuesday, January 6 ~
8:15am Mass
Tuesday, Jan. 6
Thursday, Jan. 8
For MGC Parish
Saturday, Jan. 10
For MGC Parish
For MGC Parish
Sunday, Jan. 11
10:00am † Virginia Kelly
Wednesday, January 7 ~
3:20pm Practice: Children’s Chorale ~ Church
4:30pm Practice: Hand bells ~ Church
6:30pm Practice: Choir ~ Church
Thursday, January 8 ~
8:15am Mass
9:15am Staff Meeting ~ PLR
1:30pm School Music Practice ~ Church
3:30pm Brownie Troop #8930 ~ Café
6:00pm School Committee ~ Conf. Room
8:00pm Men’s Basketball ~ Gym
† Mary Prioletta
Remember your loved one with a Mass intention
Friday, January 9 ~
Saturday, January 10 ~
7:30am Rosary
8:15am Mass followed by individual reconciliation
5:00pm Mass of anticipation
Sunday, January 11 ~
Faith Formation Classes from 8:30-12:30
10:00am Mass
Linen Ministry pickup for
January 11 is Mary Betzweiser
"Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet
and a light unto my path."
Readings for the Week of January 4, 2015
Sunday: Is 60:1-6/Eph 3:2-3a, 5-6/Mt 2:1-12
Monday: 1 Jn 3:22--4:6/Mt 4:12-17, 23-25
Tuesday: 1 Jn 4:7-10/Mk 6:34-44
Wednesday: 1 Jn 4:11-18/Mk 6:45-52
Thursday: 1 Jn 4:19--5:4/Lk 4:14-22a
Friday: 1 Jn 5:5-13/Lk 5:12-16
Saturday: 1 Jn 5:14-21/Jn 3:22-30
Next Sunday: Is 55:1-11 or Is 42:1-4, 6-7/1 Jn 5:1-9 or Acts
10:34-38/Mk 1:7-11
SCRIP volunteers for January 10 & 11
MGC is looking for volunteers to sell
SCRIP after 5pm Mass on Saturdays. If
available please contact Laura Brzakala
@ 414-313-1014
Saturday ~ L. Brzakala & R. Babich
Sunday ~ C. Tourtillott & A. Cross
SCRIP can also be purchased at the Parish Office during the week.
There’s a great selection to choose from. Help support
the good works of MGC.
Good Steward Weekly Report
Week 26
Week 26
Short of budget
Those who serve January 10 &11
Saturday, January 10 ~ 5:00pm
Servers: G. Mortell, C. Mortell
Lectors: B. Beaumier
Eucharistic Ministers: K. Kohut, B. Boeding, L. Schultz,
M. Gebert, M. Gundrum, V. Hetzel
Sunday, January 11 ~ 10:00am
Servers: E. Berthold, K. Berthold
Lectors: E. Gordon, J. Gordon
Eucharistic Ministers: E. Gordon, J. Gordon, T. Rowan,
B. Ninnemann, Br. Benjamin, S. Bellot, M. Bowen
Weekdays, January 6 ~ L. Prueher, M. Voss
January 8 ~ K. Berthold, L. Gleesing
Happy Birthday to our
MGC Kids and Teens
January 5 ~
Adrian Robinson
Jack Kwiatt
January 7 ~
Sarah Perry
Simon Michel
January 6 ~
Amiah Griffin
Donte Golden
Amirh Sanders
January 9 ~
Elleanora Gleesing
Sophia Basile
January 10 ~
Leiha Bilty
PASTORAL STAFF: MGC Main Number: 414-442-7600
Parish Director: Deacon Andy Meuler.....................x125
[email protected]
Assisting Priest: Fr. Dan Pekarske SDS..................x103
[email protected]
Deacons: Dean Collins.............................. 262-782-0535
[email protected]
Arturo Ysmael SDS…..………..………….x147
[email protected]
Director of Faith Formation: Rebecca Scholz…….x107
[email protected]
Director of Music: Dr. Mark Konewko..................... x117
[email protected]
Business Manager: Sue Puls……........................... x105
[email protected]
Director of Compliance: Rachel Baker…………….x104
[email protected]
Director of Facilities: Adolfo Delgado……............. x168
[email protected]
Parish Secretary: Theresa Boeckeler......................x102
[email protected]
Principal: Regina Shaw …….................................... x119
[email protected]
School Secretary: Barb Berthold …........................ x118
[email protected]
Director of Extended Care: Denise Schienke…..... x123
[email protected]
Cafeteria Director: Lisa Klug…………….…………...x122
Mary Moritz & Bob Ninnemann
Pastoral Council
Chairperson: Steve Prueher......414-640-0190
St. Vincent DePaul: 414-442-7600 x155
Other Ministries:
Contact the Parish Office at 414-442-7600 x102 or the
School Office x118. For a more complete listing of our
ministries check our website at mgcparish.org.
A Christmas Remembrance
In Memory of:
Jean Hetzel
Jim Hetzel
From the Desk of Father Dan
Dear friends,
One thing that makes Christmas such a magical time for children is the way it seems
simply to appear out of nowhere … the cookies, the presents, the tree, the lights, Santa, and
etc. But later in life we learn firsthand how much time and effort go into making Christmas
The same is true for a Parish. We come into church during the holiday time and let
out a little gasp. Everything’s there, as if by magic … the flowers, the crib, the trees, the
lights, the music, etc. Everything is ready for our celebrations.
But in point of fact, just like Christmas does not materialize in our homes without
great effort from many hands, the same is true here at MGC. Therefore, I would like to use
this letter to extend my thanks to the many workers behind the scenes who help to make
Christmastide such a beautiful season.
First and foremost, thanks go to the various MGC choirs, to the adult choir, the hand
bell choir, the youth choir and to the various solo musicians, all under the patient direction
of Mark Konewko. What can I say?
Thanks too, to those who assisted in decorating our environment, to Sherrod
Milewski, the mastermind, Tim and Terry Rowan, John July, Kathy and Robert Grothe who
again this year spearheaded the Advent Giving Tree effort, Tim Harrington who designed
and executed the “crib of light” in our devotional space, Sue and Dustin Donohoe, our
lighting experts, who fine tuned the illumination on the statue of our Risen Savior.
Thanks also go out to the other liturgical ministers … to our lectors, ushers,
Eucharistic Ministers, Deacons and altar servers who had to balance their ministry around
the altar with the many extra family and social responsibilities they face during this season.
Thanks also to those whose love embraced the homebound, and who visited and took Holy
Communion to those who were unable to join us in person due to old age or disabilities.
Then there are the really behind the scenes workers who contribute so much. Mr.
Delgado who makes our campus and worship space so warm, clean and inviting, to Fred
and Ray, our stalwart volunteers for grounds and buildings, Theresa who pumps out the
bulletin week after week, Sue Puls who keeps the heat and light coming by paying our
monthly bills, and Regina Shaw who guides our school as we pass on to a new generation
of school children the story of Christ’s birth along with our Catholic traditions. And not
least of all to Deacon Andy Meuler who oversees this whole endeavor for us!
Finally, a personal word of thanks, I deeply appreciate the many ways in which so
many of you have shown me your love, care and support this Christmas season, with
cookies, cards, a bottle of wine (very good), a new pullover, and even some cash which I
was able to send along to support our work in the missions. Please accept this note as my
personal thanks to each one of you for all your kindness.
Buoyed up by such mutual love and affirmation, let us launch into the New Year
resolved to continue to assist one another with prayerful support, whatever challenges may
lie ahead.
Love Fr. Dan
Christ Alive in Our Marriage Retreat
Milwaukee - Jan 2015
Meet your brothers and sisters from La
Sagrada Familia, sister parish of the
Archdiocese of Milwaukee. For more than 30
years Wisconsin students, parishioners and
priests have spent time together experiencing
transformative friendships and faith. We are
truly united at the heart.
Even if you can’t make the trip, you can make
a difference in this tiny region of the Dominican
Republic. Our donations help provide food,
medicine, education and job training for people
living under incredibly harsh conditions.
Learn more today—give today—and make
your plans today to discover your family at La
Sagrada Familia:
The retreat will begin on Saturday, January 24 at 10:00
The retreat will end on Saturday, January 24 at 5:00
Mass will follow the conclusion of the retreat.
Cost $60.00/couple
Questions? Please contact Dan O'Brien (414-727-1955)
or [email protected]) or Jenni Oliva (414-758-2213)
or [email protected])
To celebrate the Mass properly, a variety of ministries are needed.
These include members of the choir, servers, ushers, Lectors and
others. At this time we need additional Lectors and Eucharistic
ministers. If interested in being trained please contact Deacon Dean
Collins at [email protected], forms also available on the back table
in vestibule.

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