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Guided Partner Thai Yoga Flow
Sunday, February 16, 2014 @ 3:00-­‐5:15 pm | $50 couple / $25 individual The Class
This is a fun, safe and stress-releasing
class for partners, friends, and
individuals who want to experience
the blissful and relaxing effects of
Traditional Thai Yoga Bodywork
techniques; sometimes referred to as
Thai Yoga Therapy because the
compressions with his or her hands,
elbows, knees, legs, and feet while moving you into a series of
yoga stretches. Many people say Thai Yoga is like doing
yoga without any work!
With Tung Bui
Tung’s instruction is characterized by an attitude of joy and curiosity. Tung is an attentive patient teacher,
teaching from the heart, simply enjoying
this life-long journey of yoga. He has a
background in healing bodywork that
includes Reiki and certification in Thai
Yoga Therapy. He has been practicing and
studying various styles of yoga since 2001;
by 2006 he has been teaching and sharing
the infinite benefits that yoga brings to
one's body, mind and spirit.
Tung is an Alumni Ambassador for
Tung guides participants through Thai Yoga techniques as
Lululemon Athletica, volunteering with
they playfully and blissfully try them out on each other. Lulu to promote and participate in community yoga events
throughout the Greater Kansas City area. With his passion for
Learn how to give a basic sequence of stress-releasing
yoga and life, Tung inspires you to immerse yourself in the
stretches, twists and light rhythmic compressions to your
present moment ALLways! partner. One person acts as the “Giver” and is more active,
while the other is the “Receiver” and takes a more passive
Questions about the workshop? Contact Tung via role. Switch halfway through and experience both ends of
email at [email protected] or visit Tung’s this loving-kindness spectrum!
website www.artofthaiyoga.com Please bring your inner peace, along with your yoga mat to
double up with your partner’s. Limited yoga blankets will be
provided; therefore, if you would like to bring your own for
added cushion, please do so.
Participants practice comfortably clothed, on mats/blankets
on the floor, while Tung carefully demonstrates each move on
a model; verbally guiding the group through a satisfying,
blissful, therapeutic session.
No prior bodywork training is necessary; Most of the moves
can be performed by anyone with a little yoga experience
and/or medium level of fitness and flexibility; kneeling
positions will be maintained for a few minutes at a time. Online
See the Events page on the website at
www.yogallery.com and click on the
link to signup
At the
Forms available at the studio or online
-- drop your registration off just before
or after class | Walk-in registrations up
til 2:30 pm 2/16/14
Via Mail
Grab a form at the Studio or online, fill
it out, and drop in the mail box
Yoga Gallery, LLC 7941 Santa Fe Drive, Overland Park, KS 66204 / 913-432-5568 / www.yogallery.com
Thai Yoga Flow 2/16/2014 3:00 to 5:15 pm $50 per couple ($25 for individuals)
Phone #:
Cash / Check / Major Credit Cards Accepted: Visa/MC/Discover/AMEX #__________________________________Exp Date________

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